Our Philosophy

Taking a personal interest in understanding our clients’ business and recruitment needs is central to our business approach.  We aim to be the collaborative partner you can rely upon as a source of information and understanding of the complex dynamics that affect the ability of employers to find the right candidates and job seekers to find the right roles. 

Personal service to all our clients

Recruitment consultants dedicated to you

Our philosophy in practice


We are all about finding the right people to fill your recruitment needs. Whatever else we do, nothing is as important as fulfilling that commitment. Our approach is to work closely with employers to enhance their ability to secure suitable talent. By providing appropriate advice and guidance, particularly in respect of generating suitable employment briefs, we aim to attract to your organisation the best candidates with the best skills and personal attributes. 

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with employers with complete integrity and transparency to deliver the right people in a timely fashion. 

All of our consultants are members of REC (The Recruitment and Employment Confederation).

Our philosophy in practice

Job Seekers

We recognise that job seekers have a wealth of sources they can access to search for available vacancies. We aim to differentiate ourselves from these other sources by ensuring the vacancies we advertise are as accurate and complete as possible.

We achieve this partly as a result of our direct involvement with employers in drawing up their job specifications and partly from the close relationships we cultivate with employers across the accountancy and commercial management sector.

We are selective about which jobs we promote to ensure that job seekers don’t waste their time and efforts responding to vacancies that will likely not achieve their aspirations for personal progression.

We will keep you fully informed about all applications you submit and be completely honest and open about your prospects of securing a role. We will also provide feedback from employers when we receive it.